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Importadora Grezon SA de CV is a 100% Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in the market. Our flagship product is the chocolate egg with a surprise included. We have different licenses to offer a wide catalog to the children's market, but today we have several own brands with different types of products for all ages and tastes. All made with the best quality chocolate. We have the best staff, capable of facing the challenges necessary to obtain the best results. At the same time, we have external collaborators who provide strengths and foundations for the creation of new projects.


We are a Mexican company that cares about providing the best quality in its products. We always take care of the production process from start to finish so that the result is optimal and you have the best chocolate at the best price. We take care of creating and producing delicious products and available to everyone with authentic and quality ingredients, always complying with the required standards that lead us to be in a better level of offer every day,  de this way we bring our customers the best experience in chocolates.


At Importadora Grezon we continuously work on improving the production process, to continue growing, and thus bring more variety of products to your hands. Our teamwork is the key to being able to achieve the success of our strategies and thus continue creating and developing better commercial opportunities to expand the products further and of course take our different brands to a good position among the public. We are also creating a commitment to a socially responsible approach so that in the future we can contribute more to society and the environment in a positive, healthy and effective way.


In our company we work with honesty, effort and perseverance, trying to contribute our best ideas to each work area and to be able to collaborate in a good image and excellent results that reflect the warmth with which all products are made. We are convinced that excellence, preparation and professionalism are the best tools to be able to give the best of each one of us and obtain the best products for you.


Importadora Grezon currently has an international presence thanks to its production capacity and quality of its products, optimizing the results to meet the expectations of our different customers and business partners in the world, so today our products are exported to countries like United States, Central America and South America.

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